My Sister Project

During in childhood days I live with my grandmother. I was attached to her and quickly became the favorite. She instills lots of wonderful life lesson that I carry with me even today. My biggest legacy that I take away from my grandmother’s teaching is to, honor and respect Women!  I see how women are vilified, especial black women. Stereotype were repeated in the news outlet, our young men denigrated them in their songs, and society continue the psychological and sometimes not so covert abuses.  Seeing all this has cause a great outrage in me and wanted to do something to change things. So My Sister Project was born. I want to do environmental portrait of black women performing their everyday chores. To capture their hard work, essence, and soul!  I want to be the voice for all black women. I want to show Black Women for who the truly are, strong, reliable, hardworking and the backbone of our society! Through this creative vision I want to capture your essence, your soul your beauty! I want to be your voice. I humbly ask, PLEASE LET ME BE YOUR VOICE! 
Thank you, Melvin